Christmas Wreaths for the Unknown

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I feel like it was yesterday, the arrival of Team Ride To Finish at the Sicily Rome Cemetery and Memorial at 2:00 PM, May 7th, 2017. After 72 hours of cycling day and night, our team completed their mission to honor the 480 unknown soldiers from World War II! The cyclists celebrated the end of their 621 miles or 1000 km journey with friends, family and local citizens! We were all so proud to see the American flag waving in the background knowing that “ HERE LIES IN HONORED GLORY, 480 COMRADES IN ARMS, KNOWN BUT TO GOD”!

Unfortunately, the testimonial to these brave men is not over. We must complete this tribute by buying the last 130 remaining wreaths to be placed on their final resting place. This is my promise.

We will be placing the wreaths on December 22.

The wreaths can by purchase on the website or make a donation