Minus 62 Days- Ride to Honour the Unknown

Front Page, Ride to honor the unknown  

My generation who was born in 1959 early 60’s grew up watching John Wayne , listening to our relatives talking about the second world war. The greatest generation as they have become to be known. Great Americans who recognized the danger at the time that our very way of life was at risk not only ours but the whole world’s. When thinking back on can not be amazed how these young men and women left their country to fight in the pacific against the Japanese, Africa and Europe to stop the Nazi’s. Young Americans who without asking why knew the whole world’s future laid upon their shoulders and off they went knowing that many of them would never return home again.

The ones that did come home built the greatest country the world has ever known. They were the best America had to offer. In turbulent times like today Americans need to remember those who gave so much so that we and the world could live and enjoy freedom and liberty  which came at very high cost. They demonstrated that we are a good and noble people, no other country has giving so much to help others


While I was getting out of bed at 4 am I thought about those brave Americans, helps me get motivate.  As you all know we will be heading to Sicily to ride to the Rome Sicily Cemetery here in Nettuno ,leaving on May 4th to Ride to Honour the Unknown. Working , family and getting ready to do this ride I am not going to lie has been very difficult not only for me but for Gigi, Roberto , Mauro , Silvano and Paolo to make this happen. Organizing your riding , family and work is a sacrifice most people maybe can’t relate to and the motivation.  Me personally I want to thank my Italian friends for taking on the challenge and sacrificing to remember the 480 American  unknowns that are buried in Nettuno. Minus 62 a noble cause for the Greatest Generation.

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