Alex A. Bary Greatest Generation

momument dehult

We have found these elements about the death of four soldiers including your uncle, on the 10th August 1944, in a book « Sarthe août 1944 l’histoire d’une Libération » written by M. AVOIE Fabrice (may 2009) momument dehultThis platoon has been ordered to go in the direction of La Chapelle du Bois, but on the way to they met 3 German ant-tanck cars nearby the cemetery (of Dehault).These 3 guns openned the fire on the first American armoured car. All 4 soldiers including your uncle were shot dead.

The other part of the platoon reared back .  At 20h45, this latoon was in the south west of Bonnétable foest, onn the D7 road.Finally they went back South of Tuffé to have a rest at night.

10th August 1944, the Americans soldiers Edward J. PANASEWICZ, Alex A. BARRY, Harley HORNSBY et E.HARRISSON died in this heavy machine gun FORD M8 before arriving to Dehault. They were soldiers at the TROOP A, 121st Cavalry Squadron and they came from Saint-Georges, there names are on the statue.