The day has come

Ride to Finish  

After a long cold and rainy winter, fighting my disease, Sunday represents
a new beginning we are doing our 200km here in nettuno. For me it will be
a special moment , it will be like the fist time I got on my bike a year
after getting out of the hospital, doing 140 km in 18 hours. Or going with
Fabio bondaldo from taxi 109 who wrote the song I wish for me , we went to
do a 200km in umbria my first qualifying ride for paris in 2003. From
November until today between medicine, walking with a cane , swimming like
mike phelps but not smoking a bong and beginning to ride again on the same
bike my mother sent to me 8 years ago. Its day has come, it is time to put
it away , to confront the disease , to put it in its place.

Four years ago in London while doing the london edinburgh london I had to
stop at the halfway point because of the cold. I didn’t know at the time
that the cold and rain would cause my disease to awaken and believe me I
have made the ajustment. Just like everytime this monster attacks my body
I make the adjusment to live my life like I know how.

Sunday is the day a new begninning it is time to ride not to hide. The
winter has passed and for now so has my disease but let that monster know
who has invaded my body and has try to dictate my life that I have become
the hunter . Yes beware I am coming , I will return , wait for me under
the rain in the cold during the night the same spot on the border between
England and Scottland, yes I will be there the same day, but this time I
won’t be alone, your day is coming , we have the score to settle I have
waited 4 years. Sunday is our day the day that we start to ride, yes to
ride to finish you, for you to meet my day, our day, like you have made me
live your days, you will meet our day and it will be your last. Beware
Sunday is the day that the Team ride to finish is born beware your days
are numbered we are coming. Yes I am coming ,I have my last iv needle on
my bike, I will drive in your heart, I am riding, I am living, tommorrow
I live my day , our day , Sunday is the day of Ride to Finish, yes we
will ride to the finish , to finish you.

To try at all is to risk failure
but to live we must.
Ride to Finish.

London – Edinburgh – London
26 July – 31 July 2009 1400km