Spring is at the door - Spring is at the door Winter is coming to a close here in Italy , which means the beautiful Italian sun that writers have wrote songs and poems of is on the horizon. The past 13 years having multiple sclerosis I have experienced some of my  worst attacks and symptoms. This winter only thing I did different was I worked out 6 days a week 2 swimming and 4 riding. May seem like I was over doing it but all I did was listen to my body swam until I felt it was enough and rode my bike until I felt satisfied.  I don’t set goals until the winter is gone because with this disease you never know when the monster is going to hit so I just take it day by day. By not setting goals I can’t set myself up for failure I just keep going day after day.   I really believe I can say that this winter is gone and the monster is going with it, I am not afraid to say it that I feel inside my body  that this year I won I kept it in its place, in my body sleeping where it should be and not trying to rule my life.   The time is nearing to set goals to start thinking about riding again, serious riding not that I am not happy with the riding I have been doing up to now but something that will challenge me  and my disease. Being on my bike riding for 3 or 4 days, sleeping 2  hours a day, just me , my bike and my disease. I want the challenge, I need to live my life  how I want to not how the disease wants me to.   Spring time is also baseball. I remember days gone by , the smell of the air and  grass, the feel of the ball going off the bat, the sounds of the stadium during the games,  I can remember a player running and throwing the ball , I can see him catching 14 double headers in a row in college, never sat out a game in Italy., he was never tired seems like he didn’t know what tired meant. Yes, this  catcher was and above all today an example for me.  I remember him well and today after all these years we have become closer friends, someone who I can talk to when I am in need, someone who makes me remember that I can’t give up , can’t give in to this disease. Yes he has become the person that I can count on to get me to the next mile , kilometre and in a certain way to the next base.  Yes Tony Lonero I remember him well before he had multiple sclerosis.         Ride to Finish (Penn Hills) - What made you get on that bike?  NC     Ride to Finish (Penn Hils) - Sorry I didn't get to talk to you at the showing of the documentary.  It was great.   So inspiring.  I bought a shirt going to wear it to work tomorrow.   LD     Ride to Finish (Penn Hills) - We really enjoyed the movie.  What a fantastic tribute to have such a large crowd come out to honor Tony.   E.S    
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That message -- "Ride to Finish" -- is the title of a documentary that an Italian film company, Movie Project, produced of the life of Tony lonero and his battle with multiple sclerosis. This site is the official website of Tony Lonero and Ride to Finish If you need to contact me please click on the contact in the above menu and please register to be a part of the ride to finish community !
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Spring Is At The Door (0)
Spring Is At The Door
spring is at the door winter is coming to a close here in italy , which means the beautiful italian sun
Ride To Finish Wednesday October 10th At Linton Highschool (0)
Ride To Finish Wednesday October 10th At Linton Highschool
for the first time in the usa the documentary ride to finish will be shown on october 10th at linton
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