Non Mollare Ride to Finish Gear

We are very pleased to announce that all proceeds from the NON MOLLARE / RIDE TO FINISH Gear will be used to fund a $500 Penn Hills High School Scholarship through the Penn Hills PTA! Each year a well deserving senior who portrays the "Never Give Up" spirit will receive the "NON MOLLARE" award to further their education. We urge everyone to buy a T-Shirt to support our goal of assisting a fellow Indian graduate. Please start now with online purchases! We thank everyone for their support!

Non Mollare Ride To Finish T-Shirt

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Non Mollare Ride To Finish Hat

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Non Mollare Ride To Finish Bag

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Why We Ride

I really believe our experiences in life both positive and negative give us the strength to to

View Online From June 16 For The First Time Ride To Finish

View online from June 16 for the first time Ride to Finish-Tony Lonero during Culture Unplugged Festival