Non Mollare Ride to Finish Gear

We are very pleased to announce that all proceeds from the NON MOLLARE / RIDE TO FINISH Gear will be used to fund a $500 Penn Hills High School Scholarship through the Penn Hills PTA! Each year a well deserving senior who portrays the "Never Give Up" spirit will receive the "NON MOLLARE" award to further their education. We urge everyone to buy a T-Shirt to support our goal of assisting a fellow Indian graduate. Please start now with online purchases! We thank everyone for their support!

Non Mollare Ride To Finish T-Shirt

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Non Mollare Ride To Finish Hat

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Non Mollare Ride To Finish Bag

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View Online From June 16 For The First Time Ride To Finish

View online from June 16 for the first time Ride to Finish-Tony Lonero during Culture Unplugged Festival

Riding To Finish

The winter has gone and spring is here. Had a pretty good winter just minor symptoms with my ms but