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#ridetohonortheunknown by Paul Dougherty

A few days have passed since Team Ride To Finish completed their quest to bring awareness for the 480 unknown soldiers buried in the American Cemetery in Nettuno Italy. I had a great deal of respect for these men before we left Tony’s grandfather’s hometown of Solarino, Sicily and rode 1000 Km (miles) to Nettuno, […]

Ride to Honor the Uknown

During the second world war, in order to liberate Italy, the Americans and their Allies conducted three amphibious landings. Operation Husky in Sicily, Operation Avalanche Salerno and Operation Shingle in Nettuno. During these three operations, many of the deceased were buried here in Nettuno, at the Sicily-Rome American Cemetery. Among the 7,861 of American military […]